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Planning Your Financial Future

Financial planning is one of the most important things you should do now and for future generations. We  help you by providing education, not advice. Our Team will  help you decide how to achieve, and protect, your financial goals. We work with leading Wealth Management firms and can offer you their unique approach to diversify to more 'hard assets' in your portfolio , and when appropriate,  'internationalize' your assets as appropriate to help increase your wealth and reduce risk, all within a Multi-Generation plan. We help you minimize taxes, and avoid capital controls, and confiscation by the U.S. government, while bringing access to worldwide investments. Contact Dave to schedule a presentation.

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The USA is in grave economic peril and it is time to consider protecting your wealth by: 

1) Internationalize your assets. Convert your cash, bonds, annuities, CDs,  and other assets out of the US Dollar to denomination in a stronger foreign currency issued by a country with low debt and spending, and a strong economic future,

2) Work with us to purchase a multi-generation plan from our Wealth Management partner  to reduce risk, minimize taxes, and avoid confiscation and controls,

3) Purchase precious metals as an 'Inflation Hedge' against losses in the value of currency. Take physical possession of your metals; a) because 'paper gold'  stocks, and ETFs can disappear or have no 'backing', and  b) store where the the government can't confiscate it  (domestic vaults and banks are easy for them to lock-up).

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Today's world has financial risks that have never existed before. The US Dollar (USD) is the world's primary reserve currency (banks hold it as reserves - treated 'good as gold' -, and any Seller will accept it). For example, when India buys coffee from Brazil, they use USD. For the first time in history; 1) The primary reserve currency is  worldwide (not just in areas it controls as when the British pound was dominant), and 2) The currency is not convertible to precious metal (typically gold or silver), so is considered 'Fiat' , where the issuing government declares it's 'Face Value' and it can be created out of thin air. The USD has been fiat since 1971 when Nixon cut the last ties to gold. ALL fiat currency in history has failed (become worthless) and the USD is on this path of decline ! Despite this, the USD has been the primary reserve currency since 1945, and has been used in 70% of world transactions, but has declined to 60% since 2008 (the Swiss Franc and Euro have most of the rest). We are such a large economy (but declining due to excessive debt and spending), the USD has been treated as a solid share in 'USA Inc.'. We have created so many new dollars (to pay for wars and welfare) that it is losing its value (purchasing power) and nations and businesses are now avoiding using and owning it, or holding assets denominated in USD. Major nations (in particular Brazil, Russia, India, China, and S. Africa, the 'BRICS' , are trading with each other in their own currencies. This is an ominous sign and could lead to the end of the USD as a dominant reserve currency and thus limit our ability to create new money to pay bills. When (not if) this happens, our debt and interest rates (and thus payments) will spike up and the value of the USD could fall by 50% to 80%. We predict that when failure becomes imminent, Congress will convert to a new currency, such as a 'world currency' created by the IMF using a 'basket of currencies' (of which the USD will only be about 20%). Congress will lie and herald this as a great step forward, but this will cause major value losses to holders of USD-based assets !!

When I ask my friends and investors what they predict for the US economy during the next 20 years, I most often get one of these four scenarios:

1) We will muddle along and GDP will taper down. Our children will have a lower standard of living than we had in the 1900s.

2) There will be a rapid downturn and depression, but it's hard to tell when.

3) Congress will fear a crash and vote to end the US Dollar, and become about 20% of a new world currency (a  'basket of currencies' ) run by the IMF. This means we will no longer be the world's primary reserve currency and thus cannot create money to pay our bills.

4) The President will start a war (any reason or fake event will suffice) so all bets and debts are off!  Whether we win or lose, we will emerge broke and in a depression.

No matter which of the above happens, or some other calamity, the USA is in grave economic peril and it is time to consider protecting your wealth. Read the column to the right.  Thanks