Our Qualifications and Approach

Safer Investing Group was created to meet the unique needs of investors in the chaos of today's world financial system. Dave Redick (BS-Engineering, MBA-Economics), our Founder and Chief Economist, has been active in government and private economics since 1978. He has been CEO of an engineering firm, co-founder of a $6 million Silicon Valley telecom start-up, and a candidate for Congress four times. He supports the 'Austrian School' of economics, where the free market, sound money (gold-based, no Fed), and limited government (as in our US Constitution) provide more Peace, Prosperity, Liberty and Justice for all. 

Self-Directed Gold IRAs 

In 1998, IRS rules changed to allow a variety of precious metals (physical, not certificates) in a  'Gold IRA'. Now nine popular forms of Retirement Accounts (including existing IRA and 401Ks) can be converted to a Gold IRA. That's the good news. The bad news is the metal must be stored in an IRS-approved facility in Delaware, and this creates the risk that if the economy craters, the government might confiscate it, and pay you with low value Fed notes, just as FDR did in 1933.


Dave Redick (BS-Engineering, MBA-Economics, Hi-tech CEO) is the Founder and Chief Economist of 'Safer Investing Group'.  To help you plan for more wealth and less risk and taxes, we look beyond and beneath today's prices and currency exchange rates, and look at fundamentals such as national debt , spending, and unfunded future liabilities (health, pensions, etc,) to forecast trends in a nation's economic strength and currency value. Other nations are starting to avoid use of the USD because they fear it will soon decline faster, and perhaps crash to less than 20% of its current value.  Several nations have approved 'Bail-ins' (similar to the Cyprus confiscation of customer deposits in 2013) as a way to save banks. It could happen in the USA! Confiscations of pension, IRA, and 401K assets are other methods that may be used. The world now has no currencies redeemable in precious metal, so they are called 'fiat', which means they are declared worth the  'face value'  shown on it by the issuing government. However, foreign exchange markets determine the 'real' market value of one currency vs others. Even this can be deceiving because since 2000 most are falling in value together. These values and trends are ignored by virtually all 'traditional' brokers and dealers of insurance, annuities, CDs, stocks, and bonds. This is not surprising since most cannot make commissions by selling precious metals or foreign currency. The key point is; 'How much will your dollars buy when you eventually cash-in these 'traditional' investments? We have lived with rapid 'monetary inflation' (a growing supply of money issued by the Fed, which causes 'price inflation') since Nixon ended redeemability of paper dollars for gold in 1971, and all countries soon did the same. This allowed nations to create money 'out of thin air', and the USA has been the worst 'big spender'. This charade failed when the 'dot-com' bubble burst in 2000, and real estate and banking in 2008. Currency values are in turmoil worldwide, and we believe conditions will get worse  The financial 'junk' must be purged (which the Fed QE plan delays) before healing can start. Hence the focus of 'Safer Investing' is on informing seminar clients about; 1) internationalization of assets, 2) potential world-wide investments (bonds, equities, land, etc.) denominated in currencies which indicate a strong future, and 3) the benefits of owning precious metals.

About Us

Risk Disclosure:  'Safer Investing Group' staff and its agents give opinions, not advice, are not registered or licensed by any government agencies, and are not financial or tax advisors.  Past performance is not an indicative of future results. Investors should do their due diligence with their licensed advisors before committing any investment or plan. If you have additional questions, please contact Dave as shown on the Contact page of this site.

Since the U.S. Federal Reserve System (Fed) was created in 1913,  the value (Purchasing Power) of the US Dollar (USD) has dropped by over 95%. The fasted rate of dropping has been since Pres. Nixon ended the last ties of the Dollar to gold in 1971. We can all remember that a family car cost about $2,000 in the '70s, but is about $20,000 in 2013; a ten times increase! The same also applies to meat, bread, and clothes, etc.  Housing has spiked even higher due to phony loans and low rates from the Fed and Federal government.

Our strategy is to internationalize your assets to reduce risk and increase value. We work with a leading Wealth Management firm to create a multi-generation, low-tax plan.

What Really Matters

In these chaotic financial times, we  will help you choose the best Nation, Currency, Metals, and Tax Status for your Assets for Multi-Generatuons.

Attend  our Seminars

We offer one-hour seminars in the Midwest and Florida , using Dave's book 'How to Protect and Grow Your Wealth' as the textbook (see it on Amazon.com). The goals are to:

1) Educate investors on  the history and current status of the world monetary system, and the failing US Dollar, and

2) Discuss how to internationalize your assets by creating an International Business Company (IBC), Multi-generation plan, and a chartable trust, and

3) How to purchase  and store

precious metals.