Personal Presentations,  Books. and Essays Offered by 'Safer Investing Group'

A. Personal Presentations of  Wealth Management Services

Dave Redick will provide you with information to help you decide how to achieve, and protect, your financial goals. We are an authorized Sales Associate of a leading Wealth Management firm. We will offer you their unique approach to 'internationalize' your assets to help increase your wealth and reduce risk, all within a multi-generation succession plan, and charitable trust, managed by an 'International Business Corporation' (IBC).  The goal is that taxes are minimized, and capital controls, and confiscation by the U.S. government are avoided, while bringing access to worldwide investments, for you and your family in the future. Contact Dave to schedule a presentation and, on request, a price proposal  (click on the Contact page tab above)

B. Books

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1.  ‘How to Protect and Grow Your Wealth’, author David Redick, April-2014, 6x9 in. paperback; Chapters 1 to 3 discuss the origins of our monetary system and explain why the value of the U.S. Dollar is declining. Chapter 4 discusses how to: 1) Develop a Wealth Management Plan to internationalize your assets, 2) Choose assets in strong international currencies, 3) Purchase and store physical precious metals, and 3) Create a Multi-Generation succession plan. It is $14.00 on, plus shipping.

2. 'Monetary Revolution USA', author David Redick, Jan-2010,  6x9 in. paperback; Presents the history status, problems, and solutions for our monetary system. Key reforms are; Terminate the Fed, use gold as money (redeemable paper notes are OK), free-market banking, and allow private mints. If the government continues to issue money, there should be no 'legal tender' laws or special status for their money. History and logic shows that this approach ALWAYS brings more peace and prosperity to all people in a nation. It is $9.50 at, plus shipping

C. Dave's Published Articles about Money and National Economics

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 a)  Internationalize to Protect and Grow Your Assets    Jan-2014;

This essay is designed for investors who are willing to look beyond the asset diversification recommendations issued by ‘traditional’ banks, brokers, and financial advisors (usually all in U.S. dollars), and consider the added diversification of ‘Internationalization’ by converting most of their assets into trust arrangements, and safer foreign currencies and nations.

b) New Factors in Personal Finance       Jan-2013

Personal Financial Planning is one of the most important things you should do, but it is often overlooked. Today's world has financial risks that have never existed before, so much of the ‘traditional’ planning logic is wrong or has voids. The key point is; 'How much will your dollars buy when you eventually cash-in 'traditional' investments if prices have gone up faster than your investments, and taxes and capital controls reduce your net worth? We think you will be better off if you; 1) Internationalize your assets and  denominate them in a strong foreign currency, and 2) buy precious metals and take physical possesion.

 c)   Why Use Gold as Money?           Dec-2010

The benefits of using a commodity as money, and why the market prefers gold.


d)   How to Abolish the Fed and Convert to Gold as Money          Jan-2011

A six-step plan to convert the US to gold as money, allow private mints, and the benefits it would bring.

 e) ‘ The Impact of Fiat Money as the World’s Reserve Currency’     Aug-2010

There is always a major currency that; 1. banks worldwide use as their reserves, and 2. is used for trade between countries, which since 1920 it has been primarily the US Dollar. After abrogating the Dollar's gold backing in 1971, the US started creating trillions of fiat paper notes - - monetary inflation - - to pay for its imports, wars and other excesses. This excess money creation can only be done by the issuer of the reserve currency without quick loss of purchasing power. A reserve currency just takes longer to fall.

  f)  'Convert the USA Monetary System to Gold'     Jan-2012

This essay shows a detailed plan to implement conversion from fake Fed Notes  to 'gold-as-money' (all free market, with private mints, no Fed, redeemable paper notes, gold weight as the unit of account, etc.) and all the positive changes that go with it.

 g)  ‘Should Government Manage the Economy?’      March-2011 

The biggest divides in thinking as to the proper role of government are whether it should; 1. Manage the economy and monetary system, and 2. Be paternalistic in providing cheap or free social services (education, health, pensions, etc.; and who pays?), or 3. Just protect the rights of its citizens. .

  h) ‘Save the USA by Restoring Government to its proper Role’    Nov-2012

USA governments at all levels (city, county, state, federal) have grown in power since our founding, and are causing great social and economic harm with their regulations, spending, and abuses, most of which is unconstitutional. The USA is at a tipping point where spending reductions and legal reforms must be made or we will have a more severe economic crash than  2008


i) 'Empire-USA is Crashing: Loss of Power Over Nations Abroad; Broke and Decadent at Home ',  Sep-2013;

When a nation's economy declines, the value of its currency ALWAYS declines with it (due to debasement or monetary inflation). This essay is a warning to investors to get out of US Dollar denominated assets.